The Company
Our Management Team has a Collective 80 Years of Experience and Innovation

Garage Juice Bar, LLC is a Connecticut-based company dedicated to producing sustainable Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).  The team is compromised of a group of individuals that have backgrounds in sustainability, the energy industry and experience with EVSE.  They lend their extensive and varied experiences in this industry to provide products and services that will excede expectations.

Juice Bar Provides a Premium Charging Experience

The Juice Bar and the Green Garage Oasis brands were born in 2009 with the concept of providing sustainable, premium amenities and creating superior electric vehicle charging stations, or rather, electric Juice Bars. Working with the BMW Design Works team, the Juice Bar® was to be grander, encompassing not just a plug, but also a philosophy. The early vision of the flagship product, the Juice Bar charging station was to “charge cars, not people”, however with the opportunity cost to facilities’, Juice Bar evolved it’s model to offer facility owners the choice in how to implement their Juice Bars. Juice Bar understands both the pay to charge model as well as the free model of charging EV’s used in certain service and commercial parking facility applications.

Our Model has Evolved to Provide Juice Bar Owners Choice

The idea of providing a choice, to brand and advertise on the actual charging stations and the ability to accommodate new technologies, provides a lucrative option to vendors wanting to add an experience for their consumer. In turn, creating a premium "juicing" experience will advance the demand for electric vehicles.

Juice Bar has a dynamic team that collaborates on this venture. With experience in all spectrums of operations, finance, manufacturing, and project management, this dynamic team works closely together to exceed expectations in not only the electric vehicle charging industry, but also the parking and sustainable industries.

Juice Bar prides itself on a client-focused approach; our team is always ready to assist with integrating a strategy that best suits our clients’ budget and overall vision.