Juice Bar® Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
"The Juice Bar highlights our commitment to the environment, having the highly visible charge equipment with our brand in our facilities keeps this initiative in the minds of all of our customers."
Ben Worku – Director of Operations, MPark, LLC.
  • Designed with BMW Designworks USA
  • Iconic Design with LED illuminated Juice Bar logo
  • Premium Electric Vehicle Charging Product & Experience
  • Forward designed for the future of electric vehicle charging
  • Weatherproof – Indoor/Outdoor Use
Juice Bar is the Most Customizable EV Charging Station

Juice Bar charging stations offer choice, you choose whether to charge a fee or offer free EV charges to your customer. Juice Bar’s that include the optional Point-of-Sale & Communications System offers additional choices such as the ability to offer customer rewards, loyalty points and access cards. Our team can help you develop a plan that will fit the needs of your customer and facility.

Juice Bar Provides Owners a Billboard of Sustainability
Juice Bar prides itself on a client-focused approach; our team is always ready to assist with integrating a strategy that best suits your needs. Juice Bar charging stations have a large branding surface where companies can add their message, branding or advertising. There are many options to customize the look of your Juice Bar. A Juice Bar charging station will create a positive, lasting impression with customers and add to the overall appearance of your facility.

For more information and a quick quotation, send us a note or write us at sales@JuiceBarEV.com.
The Mini Bar Double combines one Level 2 Charger & One Level 1 Convenience Connection.
Two Level 2 Chargers & Two Level 1 Convenience Connections, with optional Pedestal or Wall Mount. 
25 kW DC Fast Charger with both CHAdeMO SAE Combo/CCS connections.
Dual Port, Level 3 DC Fast Charger.with CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connector. 30-80% charge in 15 min..
For outdoor and rugged use, chck out this potential upgrade.