Lease a Mini Bar Double for as little as $225 per month
Competitively Priced and Fully Customizable

The Mini Bar Double is a compact option that combines two Level 2 Chargers & Two Level 1 Convenience Connections, with the option of a pedestal or wall mount. Competitively priced and fully customizable.

Pedestal or Wall Mount

The Mini Bar Double provides facility owners the option of a pedestal or wall mount while still remaining highly visible within a facility. Keeping true to the innovative Juice Bar charging station designs, the Mini Bar still allows room for advertising, branding or sponsorship opportunities creating a potential income producing asset for facility owners.

Our charging stations offer an affordable, high quality product, premium charging experience with an innovative concept in design, upgradeable as technolgy changes, while offering freedom of choice.

  • Fully Upgradable, as technology changes modular parts are easily swapped out
  • Your Choice: Order with or without the Communication & Revenue Management System
  • You Choose if and when to activate management software, Mini Bar stations work whether software is activated or not
  • ETL listed & Made in the USA
  • Leases available for as little as $225 per month