Be Forward Thinking

Juice Bar® would like to introduce to you, the innovative cutting edge, Energy Bar-QC45, which is a Dual Port, Level 3 DC Fast Charger.  Our Level 3 includes both the CHAdeMO and the SAE Combo connector, so no matter which model of electric vehicle your customer drives they will be able to charge it with this dual port charger. The level 3 boasts the fastest charging times possible, a remarkable 30-80% charge in only 15 minutes. This type of charger opens up many possibilities for your facility, including new business from the growing market of electric vehicle owners. This charger is perfect for facilities when a quick charge is needed and the user may not have a couple of hours to wait.

Perfect for On the Go Charging

The Juice Bar Fast Charger includes a communication system with a high-resolution display screen and RFID authorization. It is your choice whether you would like to utilize these features. The DC Fast Charger can be used for indoor and outdoor facilities; it is weather proof, powder coated and corrosion resistant.  With it’s quick and easy installation and low operational noise this unit lends it self to all types of locations, perfect for on the go charging. 

Integrate your Branding Strategy

The Energy Bar can also be customized to incorporate branding opportunities on the unit. Juice Bar prides itself on a client-focused approach; let our team assist you with integrating a strategy that best suits your budget and overall vision.