Juice Bar Gives Back
Up to $100 from every JUICE BAR® goes to Khusi Hona
Our company donates up to $100 from every Juice Bar sale to the Khusi Hona organization, which goes to fill an immediate need in the field. Whether it’s providing solar lamps for reading or funding a clean water source, the Khusi Hona organization prioritizes the distribution. Juice Bar hopes to have its sustainable efforts reach beyond North America, impacting communities and the lives of others on a global scale.

About Khusi Hona

Khusi Hona, literally meaning, “feel happy”, makes a difference to the lives of orphans at the grassroots level. They find an immediate need in the field; post it live and donors can watch the need become fulfilled through live donation meters on their site and social platforms. Once the goal is accomplished the organization immediately implements the funds and posts the live results to the site through their blog, photos, and videos.

Please visit the Khusi Hona website for more information