Capture a Green halo: LEED Certification

Earn Points Towards Leed Certification

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, an increasingly important designation for environmentally conscious building owners as well as for state and local governments seeking to reduce carbon emissions.  LEED was developed by the US Green Building Council which developed a points-based rating system as a way of measuring building sustainability.  It is recognized globally as the premier mark of achievement in green building.
LEED-certified buildings offer their owners a "green halo" of environmental stewardship in addition to many other benefits including qualification for tax rebates and other state and local utility incentives.  LEED buildings are more energy efficient and hence are less expensive to run and maintain, attracting tenants and investors.  Additional points can be achieved with amenities such as EV charging stations.



Promote Your Green Initiatives

Installing a Juice Bar not only provides your customer with a premier charging experience, it offers your tenants, employees and customers the convenience of being able to charge their electric vehicle whether they are at work, shopping or traveling. Reducing your carbon footprint and promoting sustainability are good ways to show your corporate commitment to the environment at the same time that you meet the demands of your stakeholders.
Not only will you be known for your environmental stewardship.  Your present and future tenants also want to be identified with the same values. Employees also want to work for companies that share their sustainable objectives.  LEED certification provides them with the comfort and confidence of knowing they are living their values.  LEED helps you recruit, attract new customers, and improve employee and client retention.
Don't forget that Juice Bar charging stations can be branded to promote your company's values including a sustainability message. Our team will work with you to develop an appropriate customized design for your Juice Bar charging station,, creating a lasting impression on your stakeholders. Add to that the value of the revenue and marketing opportunities you now have and sustainability will enhance your bottom line.