Create an Income Producing Asset

The Juice Bar design allows owners many different options to customize their Juice Bar, including room for advertising opportunities. Collect one time or monthly add revenue by selling advertising on your charging station. Advertising on your Juice Bar allows you to share in promoting an environmentally friendly product with other brands, with the potential to cover the cost of ownership and to create an income-producing asset. As a Juice Bar owner, you also decide whether you want to charge the consumer for the Juice, or provide it as a free amenity. Both the advertising model and the payment options can transform this user amenity into a cash flow positive revenue generating opportunity.

Brands are Looking to Advertise with Sustainable Initiatives

Companies will be looking to combine their branding efforts with relatable, sustainable initiatives as well as the specific target demographics that your facility can offer. There are many benefits to advertising on a Juice Bar, and we can help you best determine if this would be the right fit for you.