Juice Bar Partners with Macquarie Financial to Provide Financing Options for Facility Owners

Major retailers, parking garages, shopping malls, and corporations are turning to Juice Bar electric vehicle stations as an innovative solution to EV charging needs. The Juice Bar provides a competitive advantage for facilities and can offer new revenues through parking fees, advertising opportunities, and internal marketing. It also strengthens your brand as you build goodwill by supporting a clean transportation initiative.

Flexible Terms and Payment Options

As Juice Bar's preferred financing provider, Macquarie makes it easier and more affordable to acquire EV charging stations. With flexible terms and payment options, Macquarie can tailor a solution to fit your budget so you can offer a practical, convenient service that encourages patrons to spend more time at your location and to visit often.


  • Conserve cash and free up capital for other critical priorities
  • Streamline the acquisition process with terms and payments tailored to your needs
  • Bundle equipment, systems, shipping, installation, integration services, and other soft costs into one low monthly payment
  • Increase your tax advantages with the off balance sheet benefits of an operating lease
JB Lease Fact Sheet